Making an Impact: Empowering local community through SM Management and Marketing

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In this case study, we explore the contribution I made as a volunteer in social media management and marketing campaigns for an awesome charity dedicated to delivering free software development skills to people with disadvantaged backgrounds. Through strategic management of social media platforms and implementation of targeted marketing campaigns, CYF has successfully engaged with their audience, garnered support for their initiatives, and effectively empowered individuals, including volunteers and students, leading to life-changing transformations and driving sustained progress.

Social Media Management and Marketing Campaigns for Charity

In my role as the volunteer social media manager for a local branch of a charitable organization, particularly in Scotland, I collaborated closely with the local program manager to amplify the charity’s outreach efforts. This encompassed a multifaceted approach, including the development and execution of comprehensive social media strategies, content creation, and coordination of marketing campaigns..

Working together with the local program manager of CodeYourFuture, we crafted a dynamic social media calendar aligned with the organization’s objectives. Through weekly meetings, we ensured the timely scheduling of content across various platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, maintaining a consistent and engaging online presence. The primary focus was on generating diverse and compelling content, ranging from event announcements to showcasing testimonials from graduates and volunteers, encapsulating the essence of CodeYourFuture’s mission and impact.

Additionally, for a short time I managed a small content creation team, ensuring adherence to brand guidelines and alignment with the charity’s mission. Furthermore, I spearheaded fundraising campaigns, leveraging compelling messaging and targeted outreach to secure support and donations for our initiatives. Moreover, I led marketing campaigns aimed at recruiting new volunteer teachers and volunteer leaders, employing a blend of social media tactics and collaboration with NGOs to expand our reach and engagement.

This introduction provides an overview of my responsibilities and contributions in managing social media and executing impactful marketing campaigns for the charitable organization.


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Other activities

Time spent as a volunteer at “CodeYourFuture” will always be a great memory to come back to. The community and atmosphere are impossible to describe with words (in a good way), so when I had the time, I aimed to be involved and support the volunteer team as much as possible.

Aside from involvement in managing charity’s social media platforms, I was also actively engaging with students, volunteers and the leadership team on community platforms. I helped students to resolve technical issues, guided them on what steps they should take next, who they should contact, or where to find the help they needed. If I couldn’t help, I always made sure to refer them to other resources which might be helpful. My activity on these platforms also included posting special announcements, such as latest information on upcoming or canceled events.

I also contributed to checking student’s work which involved various coding projects – referring to specific checklists, I made sure to check if projects were fully completed. Afterwards, I located any potential mistakes, and delivered constructive feedback to the students, letting them know about their strengths and potential areas to work on, and providing potentially useful resources.

Additionally, I undertook some administrative tasks, such as sending official e-mails to volunteers and students, informing them about upcoming events or deadlines. In addition, In order to keep up the good relations with the NGOs, I was involved in sending personalized emails to all of them, in order to ensure accuracy and effectiveness in our outreach efforts. In fact, there was a time when I helped to clear a backlog of over 130 messages which were due to be sent, and I was happy I could help the overworked volunteer team. While on the task, I also made sure the database of the NGOs and their contact information was up to date.

On top of that, I made sure to participate in most of our team’s weekly meetings. and I was lucky to be in a very dedicated team, where all meetings were organised, meaningful, and went smoothly. Using tools like Zoom and Trello, we quickly went through current issues, any potential backlogs, and we easily planned new events, allowing us to assign tasks to each member. This approach allowed me to stay on track, focus on the most important things, and engage with the amazing volunteer team.

In conclusion

Working closely with local program manager and other dedicated members of the community, I employed a creative and strategic approach to social media management and marketing, crafting engaging content that resonated with charity’s audience, and effectively communicated the organization’s mission and impact. By highlighting a variety of topics, including event announcements, partner acknowledgments, and testimonials, I have contributed to maintaining a dynamic and vibrant online presence that fostered community engagement and support. Through diligent social media management and targeted marketing campaigns, the charity saw significant results, including increased engagement and recruitment. The fundraising campaign successfully generated funds to support the organization’s initiatives, furthering its mission of making a positive impact in the community.

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